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Admission Ticket : Alangkarn Show Pattya

Alangkarn Show Pattya

Ticket type Monday to Friday Saturday to Sunday
Show and Buffet Dinner - -
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Thai Alangkarn Theater Proudly presents “The Thai Extravaganza Show” Touch a new experience of Thai performing arts in a Panoramic Concept which is the first of its kind in Thailand. Thai Alangkarn Theater, Pattaya is situated at km.155 Sukhumvit road, Na-Jomtien, Sattahip Chonburi with an area of 32 acres. The entire project includes a prototype Hexa stage Theater with 2,000 seats in tiers, Cultural Rostrum and a Restaurant with 1,000 seating capacity. THAI ALANGKARN THEATER At the heart of THAI ALANGKARN THEATER is the “Theater”, a state-of- the-art theater that can entertain 2000 guests. It is decorated in a Modern-Thai Style inclusive of a 70 meters length Hexa stage, two large 11 x 15 meters screens, and a 50 meter water screen for presenting “The Thai Extravaganza Show” in a PANORAMIC CONCEPT with the combination of multi-dimension techniques of presentation, such as Pyrotechnics, Multi-Color Laser Show, Real Surround Sound System and more

Thai Alangkarn Theater Open daily (close Wednesdays) Regular show : 18:00 hrs.

Welcome you to the Thai Alangkarn Theatre. We would like to take you to a journey of a lifetime , a time to enjoy the beauty and spectacular stories of Thailand through our “Alangkarn, the Thai Extravaganza Show”.

The Thai Extravaganza Show

Act 1 : Belief

Scene 1 The Track of Thai Civilization

Scene 2 The Great Naga

Act 2 : Fascinating Thai Arts and Culture

Scene 3 The Beautiful Four Regions

Scene 4 The Royal Mask Drama

Act 3 : The Rising Kingdom of Thailand

Scene 5 Sukhothai Kingdom

Scene 6 Ayuddhaya Kingdom

Scene 7 Rattanakosin Kingdom